Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies

Is Your Child Struggling With High Sensitivity?

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  • Does your child get home from school, overwhelmed by the day, and need to vent their frustrations somehow?
  • Do they have strong, often overwhelming emotions, and take a long time to calm down after an upset?
  • Do they take longer than you’d expect to get used to new places or people?
  • Are they more intense, serious, and observant than you’d expect at their age?

  • Does the usual advice not only not fit your highly sensitive boy or girl, but also backfire on you?

Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies - Upset Boy

Are you looking for something that will help YOU to help YOUR child?

Are you looking for ways to help your child with their sensitivity, not against it?

Are you looking for expert help from someone who’s been there, done that?

This Is For You.

IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to desensitise them, to make them less sensitive, this is NOT for you. Your child’s sensitivity is a gift. It’s their gift. It’s not yours to throw away!

Highly sensitive child parenting strategies

Parenting strategy for highly sensitive children by a highly sensitive person with a highly sensitive family.

This video training gives you the tools you need to help your child understand, manage and master their sensitivities, instead of being overwhelmed by them.

You get instant access an easy-to-implement series of videos covering:

  • The principles and foundations for understanding your highly sensitive child

  • Tips for identifying and dealing with sensory input

  • Know-how for responding to your child’s emotional world

  • A way to create the kind of family life that you all love

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Being highly sensitive is a double-edged sword.

The gift of sensitivity can easily feel like an unmanageable burden when you don’t have the tools or knowledge to handle it.

But when your child can manage their sensitivity, they’ll fly (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Research has found that highly sensitive kids are more affected by their parents’ parenting styles than non-highly-sensitive kids.
The bad news: Do a naff job of it, and they suffer more than non-highly-sensitive kids.
The good news: Do a good job of it, and they’ll benefit more than non-highly-sensitive kids.
Don’t you just love a positive feedback loop?
This Highly sensitive child parenting strategies video training gives you the specific approaches you need for your highly sensitive child.
(If you’re highly sensitive too, there are strategies in here for you for yourself, as well).

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I’m Sue Susnik, and as a highly sensitive person, a parent, and coach, I speak from my own lifetime of experience:
  1. As a highly sensitive child
  2. As a highly sensitive person parenting a highly sensitive family
  3. And from my clients’ experiences of high sensitivity in themselves and their families.
Working with highly sensitive clients since 2014, I see the patterns affecting highly sensitive families. These are patterns that generic parenting guidance doesn’t always cover.
My own journey in becoming and being a parent has shaped and informed my work with highly sensitive parents.
In this training, I’ve gathered together straightforward strategies and principles for recognising, understanding and managing high sensitivity. These are the tools I’ve shared with my clients to help them handle high sensitivity in their families. These are the tools I use with my family too, to create a family life that we enjoy and thrive in.
Sue Susnik Highly sensitive child parenting strategies

The earlier you learn these principles and apply them in your family life, the better foundation you provide for your highly sensitive child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What are the main highly sensitive child symptoms?”

A: The main categories to look for:
1. Sharp senses – keen eye for detail, ear for sounds, sensitive nose, palate, or easily bothered by their clothing
2. Strong emotional responses – expressed or internalised
3. Intense behavioural reactions (can be either very outwardly expressive or very quiet and withdrawn)

Q: “Should I be disciplining a highly sensitive child differently?”

A: Highly sensitive children walk to a different beat. You’ll find that punishments may do more harm than good, and rewards can set you up for your highly sensitive child learning how to game the system.

The key? Communicating with and appealing to their inner motivation directly. If you can’t back up your request to them with sound reason, chances are it won’t work so well.